NorthBay has been a blessing to our family for so many reasons. Our two homeschooling days have provided us with wonderful and valued time together, and when we drop our son off at NorthBay, it is such a blessing to know that he is allowed and encouraged to include God in everything he learns and everything he does.

The Seiler Family


This is my eighth year as a teacher at NCA, and each year I have been tremendously blessed. I so enjoy working with the wonderful students and dedicated families in our community. This is the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had!

Mrs. Sherrie Patterson


The school has been a blessing to our family. Through the “Growing Kids God’s Way” class we learned through scripture and our group how to be better parents, partners (husband/wife to each other) and to help our children be closer and more loving to each other. The class has been life changing for our family and our marriage. Before NCA, we felt like we were losing our son, Miguel. We didn’t like who he was becoming due to the public middle school influences. Now we feel like we have our kind-hearted son back. We are closer to him and he to us and his siblings. We are really enjoying having him home with us 2 days a week. Thank you to the NCA founders, advisors, staff and families. You have all been a blessing to our family. Our family looks forward to our years ahead with everyone.

The Corteo Family


We are blessed to have the most gifted, compassionate, and creative teachers here at NCA. We are thankful for caring teachers and staff who create an environment where questions are encouraged, hands-on activities are plentiful, learning is loved, and godly character is the focus. It’s amazing how our teachers find unique ways to capture interest and engage minds in the learning process.

The Copek Family


We are thankful to partner with like-minded parents and teachers to raise our children according to God’s word. We are also thankful for the extra time with our children that we have because of the on-campus/homeschool concept. Lastly, we are thankful for a school community that will pray for us and our children.

The Van Nortwick Family


We are blessed that our children will have such incredible teachers for their first 10 years of school. Every single teacher in the school has such a warm heart and comforting smile. It is such a blessing to be able to carry on with our day knowing that our children are not only getting an education but they are safe and in a caring and loving environment.

The Wallace Family