• Our community at NorthBay exists to support families who are deeply committed to raising their families biblically. Therefore, both parents must have a professing faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and regularly attend a Bible-teaching, Christian church with their children. As members of the body of Christ, families should be actively involved in worship, fellowship, and service in their home congregation. Both parents must desire to walk closely with the Lord on a daily basis.
  • All NorthBay families complete a facilitated, fifteen-week course called Go before completing the admissions process at NorthBay and actively work at implementing the parenting methods in their home. This parenting course emphasizes the importance of healthy husband/wife and parent/child relationships. It also teaches families to train the hearts of their children, instilling in them a desire to be guided by the authority of God’s word and the Holy Spirit.
  • Generally, we advise families desiring to enroll students in the school to begin their Go parenting course at least one year prior to the start of the upcoming school year. Families with older children may likely require more than one year to implement the Biblical principles in the home. After completing the Go class, families may choose to complete the admissions process, whenever they feel ready.
  • Pre-K students must be four years old by September 1st of the entering school year. Kindergarten students must by five years old by September 1st of the entering school year.
  • Questions about these prerequisites should be sent to NorthBay’s admissions director.

    Additional Information:
  • If a student has previously attended a public school in the second grade or higher, the family is generally advised to home school or have their child attend a Christian school for one year and apply the following school year.
  • Families whose children attend NorthBay participate in a community that provides them with support as they prepare their children to take their places in the world as servants of Jesus Christ. Most families find that they can participate best in the NorthBay community if all their school-aged children are enrolled together in the school. An exception may be made if room in a student’s grade is not available. Families desiring an exception for other reasons (e.g. a child with special needs) are encouraged to discuss their circumstances with the admissions director before applying to the school.