Spiritual Growth

Our community at NorthBay exists to support families who are deeply committed to raising their families biblically. The NorthBay community is distinctly Christian and consists of parents, faculty, and staff working together to help students develop a love for God and His word and to encourage a deep, life-long relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Students participate in Bible classes and weekly chapel programs with an emphasis on reaching the heart of each student. They enjoy a mentoring relationship with teachers who model exemplary moral character and a commitment to hold their students to the same behavioral standards taught at home. Older students also model godly behavior and spiritual growth to the younger students.

We feel an obligation to avoid legalism in our study of the Bible and in our daily procedures, as it would defeat the goal of training the heart of each child. For the same reason, we also desire to avoid an educational approach that simply indoctrinates students without engaging their thought. We feel the most effective way to accomplish the goal of heart training is through teaching that presents all information in all subjects in the light of Christ. Because all truth comes from God, all learning relates back to Him. Students at NorthBay are taught that what is learned in one class relates to what is learned in another, and that all of it can best be understood by applying a biblical worldview. Proverbs 1:7 – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge…

All parents at NCA participate in the parenting curriculum Growing Kids God’s Way and prayerfully work at living out the biblical principles in their homes. This parenting course emphasizes the importance of healthy husband/wife and parent/child relationships. It also teaches families to train the hearts of their children, instilling in them a desire to be guided by the authority of God’s word and the Holy Spirit. Since NorthBay began, the Growing Kids God’s Way class has blessed families in many ways and blessed the NorthBay community by establishing the common standard we are all working toward together.

All parents at NCHS participate in the parenting curriculum Getting to the Heart of Parenting by Paul Tripp. Through this course parents learn that the family is the primary learning community and gain a greater understanding of the important role they play in shaping the hearts of their children. It helps parents to see moments of conflict as moments of ministry as they are God’s instruments for change in their child’s life.