School History

In 1999, God laid it on the hearts of three couples to step out in faith and found a community school.

God provided the vision for NorthBay long before the Board of Directors began meeting together.  From the very beginning, God has been involved in assembling the right people to accomplish His purpose.  He placed within each of the founding couples a desire for something different for their children’s education.  They considered local public schools, private Christian schools, and home schooling.  All these options had their strengths, but were not the answers to their prayers.  In God’s perfect timing, He led them to a book called the Making of the Community School.  It described the school each couple had been praying for: a Christian school that offers academic excellence in the classroom along with teacher-assigned homeschooling lessons; a school where parental involvement is key and where Christian values taught at home are reinforced in the classroom.  Since there was no school such as this in the Pinellas County area, these three couples formed NorthBay Christian Academy.

Since the beginning, their faith has been strengthened while watching God miraculously bring together all the elements of a thriving school.  In His perfect timing, He has met every need, providing the finances, the right teachers and the families that make up the community at NorthBay Christian Academy. The members of this community are consistently awed each year as they watch Him grow and bless the school.

In 2014, God laid it on the heart of an NCA couple to found a NorthBay High School. A prayer meeting was held on March 20, 2014, and shortly thereafter God brought together a team of five couples to serve as the steering committee for the high school.

We look forward to a future based on the foundation of prayer and faith that God will provide all of our needs in His perfect way.